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Innovation is indispensable to meet the (future) challenges in the field of sustainability as a company. After all, whether it concerns production and consumption of materials, foodstuffs, energy, mobility or the built environment, every change in every area requires new ways of conducting business, new ideas or partnerships. It is important that the innovation does not get stuck in the initial phase: an experiment, a prototype or demo, a trial area or pilot factory, but also really gets further. To increase the chance of success, it is advisable for a company to go through a number of important steps. An important step is the development of a business plan. A good business plan and compliance with it is not mandatory in the context of innovation, but it is very important. It is unfortunate if a lot of work has already been done and certain costs have been incurred and afterwards it appears that the invented innovation cannot be realized within your company, for example for practical or financial reasons. Drawing up such a plan is not always easy. At Law & More we understand that drawing up a business plan involves customization. Especially when it comes to innovation. That is why Law & More uses a personal approach. Our specialists are experts in the field of corporate law and are happy to help you draw up your business plan.

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Have you translated your idea in the context of sustainability into a developed product or service? Then of course you want to protect it well. You can do this, for example, by means of a patent (also known as a patent). Are you in possession of a patent? Then you can prohibit someone else from copying, selling or importing your invention. As an entrepreneur, you naturally also invest time, money and energy in your company to market your sustainable product or service in the best possible way. In this way you are building a sustainable brand that is a recognition mark for the consumer and distinguishes your products or services from all other similar products or services. Of course, you do not want someone else to just take a ride on this, for example by copying your sustainable product / service. It is therefore important to register your trademark. After all, a trademark is only protected when it is registered. Would you like to apply for a patent for your invention, register a trademark or do you have questions about our services? Law & More’s lawyers are available to provide you with fast and personal advice, even in the event that your intellectual property right is infringed. In addition, Law & More is happy to provide you with advice on everything that is involved from the start to the continued growth of the innovation within your company. Curious about what our lawyers can do for your company in the context of sustainability and innovation? Then contact Law & More.

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