The European Green Deal

The European Green Deal

The concrete steps within the framework of the four aforementioned pillars on the road to sustainability are elaborated by the EU in the European Green Deal. An action plan to use resources more efficiently by moving to a clean, circular economy, restoring biodiversity and reducing pollution. It not only states which investments or financial instruments are required for this, but also clarifies how a just and inclusive transition can be ensured.
The legal basis of the Green Deal lies in the new EU climate legislation, in which Member States are actually obliged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture, transport, waste and construction sectors and from buildings from 2021. By 2030, these emissions must be on average 30 percent lower than in 2005. As a result, Member States must take measures at national level according to the following directives to achieve this target:

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In May 2020, the Green Deal will have two new strategies, which together should contribute to a sustainable future. First of all, the biodiversity strategy. This strategy must combat the loss of biodiversity in Europe and the world. In concrete terms, the strategy includes restoring damaged ecosystems, improving the health of protected areas, reducing pollution and making agriculture more organic. To achieve this, the Commission wants at least 30% of Europe’s seas and land to be protected natural areas by 2030. In addition, the Farm to Breed strategy. This strategy aims to achieve a sustainable food system. This reformed system should reduce the European climate footprint and also improve public health. This will require the use of pesticides to be reduced by 50% over the next ten years, the use of fertilizers to be reduced by 20% and the use of antibiotics in agriculture by 50%. 25% of the agricultural land must also be used organically.

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